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THE BLOG, I’m very excited!  This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while, there is now a place for me to write about plants, gardening, the landscape.  For my first post, I’d like to answer the question I, and Sergio, get asked the most…  What does ‘Elata’ mean?  The short answer: Elata is part of the botanical name for the Royal Palm.  All plants have a name in latin for formal identification, the Florida Royal Palm is Roystonia elata.  The vowels are all pronounced with the ‘short’ sound.  So, the name E-la-ta Natives, is supposed to be a little pun. A lot of natives (plants).  Since our company provides many landscape services such as: design and installation, irrigation, maintenance and our ever changing nursery it was difficult to find a name encompassing everything.   (As far as ‘Natives’, that’s another subject.)  I love the Royal Palm and liked the ring of Elata, and that’s the name we chose 12 years ago.     Elata isn’t in most dictionaries and I understand it to have a somewhat complex meaning but for us it is our name and the name of the beloved Florida Royal Palm.

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