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Elata Natives is a licensed irrigation specialties contractor providing full service landscape irrigation installation for each landscape project. A successful irrigation plan considers numerous factors such as the measurement of the area, water pressure (and obstacles to it), the varying needs of the trees, lawns and garden areas and more. From here, we determine the size and length of pipe, the layout, sprinkler types and all other equipment which collectively create the watering system. In many cases the piping routes will be divided into zones allowing for length of time and pressure variances. Our systems are custom designed to water the landscape according needs of the selected plants. Our staff is on call for irrigation repairs.
We encourage our customers to monitor their landscape irrigation systems and to do their best to conserve water. With the increase in water restrictions statewide, our irrigation projects are now incorporating many drought tolerant plants to ensure the longevity of our customer’s landscape investment.

Please feel free to contact us any of our landscape irrigation services, irrigation repair or watering questions regarding irrigation equipment, drip irrigation, sprinkler heads, irrigation scheduling, and water conservation.

Consult with The Southwest Florida Water Management for restrictions on watering for your area.

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